“How can we raise money?”

If you are part of a society at the University of Manchester Students’ Union, then we’d absolutely love for you to help us meet our target for the year. To take up the challenge you can do absolutely anything to raise money for charity (within the law!).


What can you think of?

You could:

– Submit a society team for Jailbreak or Bogle
– We can help you to organise a street collection for your society
– Run a social to Beerfest; email to see if we can work out a deal for your society
– Run a joint pub crawl with one of our charity societies (There are dozens at the university) and shake a bucket whilst you go
– If you run events anyway, make one of them for charity!

You can raise for any cause you like; you can nominate your own charity to fundraise for, or alternatively you can donate to the RAG Community Fund, which we distribute among worthy, North-West based charities at the end of each year.

How can we stay within the law?

Without going into too much detail:
– As a society of the University of Manchester, you must inform RAG of any funds you raise for charity. All funds should be directed through our accounts and not your society’s, your society is part of UMSU which as a charity cannot give to another. RAG exists as a separate body to work around this rule.
– You cannot fundraise anywhere without the permission of the landowner. In the street this means the council, in a shop/bar it means the manager. You may fundraise anywhere on University Campus (away from the road) providing you are not causing a nuisance (porters may move you on, always tell someone in the building what you are going to be doing as a matter of courtesy).
– If you are asking people for money you must clearly display the name of the charity and the charity number.
– As a matter of courtesy you should inform the charity of any fundraising you are going to do on their behalf; they may be able to give you extra support in your efforts.


The law, you can’t avoid it!

What can RAG do for your Society?

RAG are experts at fundraising and we are obliged to support all fundraising by Manchester students; so if you have any ideas please pop into our office on the first floor of the Students’ Union (in the Activities Office) and we will do everything we can to help you make your ideas a reality!

Anything you might need to run a successful fundraising campaign we can provide: contacts, charity buckets and tins, counting money, advertising, capital, space, volunteers, ideas, collection permits and everything else you could think of. Just pop into the office or drop an email to