Community Fund

Here at Manchester RAG we pride ourselves on being one of the largest student fundraising groups in the country. In the 2014/15 academic year we raised over £180,000 for charity. Our bigger events, such as Jailbreak and climbing Kilimanjaro, have set charity partners, but we also run regular small events throughout the year, which raise money for the RAG Community Fund.
The Manchester RAG Community Fund awards grants of up to £700 to local charities in the North West at the end of the academic year (May). To be awarded a grant, a charity must meet the following specifications:
  • Be a local charity, based and working in the North West of England
  • Support people in the North West in need
  • Be able to show how the grant will affect the beneficiaries of your work
The Manchester RAG Community Fund does not provide grants to the following:
  • Politically or religiously affiliated charities
  • Local branches of national or international charities
  • Animal rights or environmental charities
Charities who meet these specifications will then be taken to the Manchester RAG committee and scored on the following criteria.
  • Need for the money
  • Value of work
  • Efficiency and impact of work
Please understand that we may not be able to award grants to all charities who meet our specifications, as there is only a limited pot of money. Additionally, some applications for grants may be partially accepted, with some money donated but not the full amount requested.

In order to give yourself the best chance of securing the full grant you have requested, we recommend that you consider the amount you request carefully and show us why you have chosen this amount, rather than just requesting the highest possible amount, as this limits the number of grants we can allocate from our funds.

The above information was correct for the end of the 2014/15 academic year, the allocated amounts may change for 2015/16. Please check back later in the year when our community fund applications open.